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Ante Celica Russian Enigma Pdf Download

Ante Celica Russian Enigma Pdf Download

ante celica russian enigma pdf


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For his opposition, Tomsky was exiled by the party to Turkistan; as in the past Sapronov was sent to the Ukraine for his democratic centralism. It was you yourself, Lenin, who taught us to judge people, not according to their subjective intentions, but according to the objective significance of the latter, according to the social groups in whose interest their activity operates and on whose behalf they speak. And the whole of that crucial evolution took place over two or three years, in the Russian revolution as in the others. And Lenin cannot be exonerated. And at this historic conjuncture it is Lenin who has the saddest role. It is the apotheosis of the Russian revolution, its own 1793. Lenin, Also - Ante Ciliga Submitted by libcom on Jul 25 2005 00:05 Chapter 9 of Book 3 of Ante Ciliga's extraordinary book The Russian Enigma, originally published as In The Land of The Great Lie. Moreover, according to some reports, he was not devoid of Nechayevist traits. The Trotskyist Opposition reconciled Lenins past with that of Trotsky. Finally, the group had dithered for ten years (191929), now capitulating to Lenins ultimatum, now supporting the Trotskyists in their struggle against Stalin.


The first part of his account of his time in the Soviet Union, The Russian Enigma, was distributed by the Labour Book Service in 1940, and the complete text was published under the same title by Ink Links in 1979.[citation needed]. So the class line on this decisive question was very sharp: on the one side the workers (members of the party and non-party), on the other the bureaucrats (members of the party and non-party); behind the workers socialism; behind the bureaucrats typical State capitalism. In 1930, Ciliga taught at the Communist University of Leningrad. The Workers Group went even farther and attacked the political regime and the single party established by Lenin prior to the NEP. The fate of the Bolshevik Party, the fate of Lenin, and of Trotsky, shows yet once more that the most advanced parties and the greatest leaders are limited in their character by the circumstances of time and place. The young Decemist, Jacques Kosman, wrote a brilliant historical study on what was called the trade union question.


As if the workers had made the October revolution for the right to go on strike! Characteristic are Lenins relations with the liberals of his own bureaucratic camp. To destroy the tyranny of the bureaucracy created by your own hands it was also necessary, Lenin, to destroy the legend of the infallible sage of the proletariat. It must be said, to the honour of the Russian proletariat, that it sensed immediately, in spite of its weakness, what was being hatched. Truly these were days that shook the world. The Kronstadt Revolt - Ante Ciliga Ante Ciliga discusses the question of Kronstadt, at the time of Trotsky's later writings about the event. Reformatted: Einde OCallaghan (August 2015). War and Revolution in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945: Occupation and Collaboration. Others considered that already in Lenins time, with the establishment of NEP, the bourgeois-democratic structure of the revolution had got the upper hand of the socialist structure and that Lenin himself did not realize what he was doing.


2002. And Lenin himself confessed that, under the guise of trade union discussion, there was indeed the question of withdrawing control of the factories from the working class. The struggle of the labouring masses against the bureaucratic tyranny could henceforth only be against the organizational forms that the bureaucracy had given the economy. The results the revolutionary conquest of power, and holding it spoke in his favour. The extreme left Communist groups of the extreme left were not afraid to grapple with the whole revolutionary experience in Russia, contrary to the Trotskyist Opposition, in the eyes of which the Lenin epoch remained sacrosanct. The Urals and the steppes were plunged into an ominous stillness. He has made himself the apologist of the momentary status quo and no longer of the dynamic of the epoch. The suppression of the Kronstadt revolt was the bureaucracys reply to the attempt of the proletariat and the peasantry to unite against it. Thus, I and my generation concluded that the tactics, and the means, too, were justified.


Effectively, that was the end of the legal opposition. And that had happened on Lenins initiative, and in spite of the stubborn opposition of the entire workers fraction of the party, of all the leading worker Bolsheviks. He was released from Jasenovac in January 1943 for reasons unknown. Communism is an extremist fascism, fascism is a moderate communism, he wrote in his article, Comfascism. Some continued to think that Lenin, after October, although making some small mistakes, had a correct attitude, and that the line only began to deviate with Stalin. Yet that resistance feeble as it was, crushed as at was by the bureaucracy is the supreme testament of the revolution. Featured Logistics worker killed while on strike in Piacenza, Italy During the night between September 14 and 15, Abdelssalam Eldanf was killed while he was on strike with other workers in front of the GLS logistic plant in Piacenza. 2587a83389

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